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JCB Engine Problems

If your JCB engine is giving you problems, Murphy engines overhaul can help you to get back up and running as quickly and most cost effectively as possible.  We will never compromise on quality and always aim to give you a solution which we know will work for you and your application.

If you can’t solve the initial problem yourself, we can help in one of 3 ways:

  • If you can get the engine to us, our 50 years of industrial engine experience will allow us to:
    • understand and recognise the problem
    • let you know what’s the best, cheapest and quickest solution.
    • If parts are required we can source any necessary parts at the best possible prices and fit them if necessary to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Read more about our industrial engine parts sourcing service here.
  • If we feel it is quicker/cheaper we will advise you of this and can source another engine that is a suitable replacement for the one you are currently using.  We place a heavy emphasis on the word suitable as this judgment comes from 50 years of experience and sometimes the most logical solution is not the most appropriate. Read this case study to show how we can help.  You can trust us to minimise your downtime and costs by putting in place the best solution for your current situation. We have a very broad sourcing network and we are confident that we can find an engine that will meet your needs quickly and cost effectively. Read More about our Industrial Engine Sourcing Service.

    • Alternatively, we can assist you to replace the engine that you currently have with a new engine and can build a suitable engine package for you.


    Very often we will be able to assist you better than a JCB main dealer who will only look at the branded options available to him.  We will examine all of the viable alternatives.  When you come to Murphy’s all of our 50 years of experience will  be focused on getting you back up and running as quickly and cost effectively as possible, something you may not get from a main dealer.

    Murphy Engines Overhaul services Cork, Waterford, South Limerick and Waterford.


    If you are in this area with a JCB engine problem, please call us now on 021 4313434.  Our 50 years of knowledge/experience means that you will get great service, the best prices and the best turnaround times possible.