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Industrial Engine Sourcing

In some instances, it is not practical to repair an industrial engine for either financial reasons or because it is quicker to source and install a replacement engine.

We will always investigate all options for you, but if we believe that replacing the engine is the best and most cost effective solution, we will advise you of this.

Sourcing the engine that will meet the requirements of your application is not a simple task and requires someone with an extensive knowledge of both your engine and your application.  With over 50 years of industrial engine remanufacturing, Murphy Engines has significant experience in engine replacement and a very wide reconditioned engine sourcing network.

As we not tied to any particular vendor, you can be assured of 100% independent advice, as the most suitable and readily available engine may not come from the same manufacturer as the existing engine. We will source the most suitable and readily available engine which requires the least amount of work/time to get you back up and running

We can, and often do, tailor the engine package to meet your exact requirements.

Both of these factors will ensure that we will locate the right engine for your application at the right price and get you back up and running in the most cost effective manner possible.

If your industrial engine needs to be replaced, please contact Murphy Engines on 021 431 3434 and we can get started on the project straight away.